The most effective way to become slim


Many people around the world, who are suffering from obesity, choose plastic surgery. Because this is the most effectual variant not only to lose weight in the short term, also it helps to remove signs of weight loss. After this procedure patient must have a balanced diet and do physical exercises. Only whole complex of measures can help to get beautiful healthy body without excess fat. The main aim of plastiikkakirurgia is to improve the functioning of internal organs and tissues to their normal condition.

What is a tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck surgery also known like abdominoplasty, remove excess skin and fat. In many cases it ablates weak muscles to make tummy smoother and thinner. However it’s not the same as liposuction, but sometimes they are using at complex. Before one decides to do it, he should know that it’s a major surgery which has some risks. So there is some group of people who shouldn’t consider a vatsan muotoilu:

  • women who plans to get pregnant. In this case they must wait to that time until they have child. Because during surgery weak muscles are cut, and during pregnancy, normal muscle can be stretched, so operation hasn’t expected result;
  • those who plan to lose a lot of weight. Because such operation should be the last variant, after others have been tried. It can’t substitute weight loss.

There are some advices which can help prepare you for tummy tuck. First of all you should choose one kind of the procedure: complete or partial abdominoplasty. The difference between them consists in distinction of complexity operation. Second variant suggest lack of movement of belly button. Also patient should to refuse diet before surgery, because he must eat well and balanced. After tummy tuck he must chose healthy food and do exercising to maintain good result.

What is a gastric bypass surgery procedure?

The aim of lihavuusleikkaus consist in restrictive of stomach function by maintain surgery which consist of two procedures. First doctor created a small stomach punch by dividing the top this organ from other part of it. Then during this procedure which is carried out under full anesthesia, surgeon cut some part of small intestine and attached it to the punch of stomach.

By this operation patient will eat fewer food and get less calories. Also small punch of stomach will absorb fewer nutrients. Rerouting of the food steam help to promote satiety and suppress hunger.

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16 июля, 2015
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